Title Insurance News – Remembering Tax Time

By Steve Riemann, State Training Director, Fidelity National Title Insurance Company.

Many of you have just received your 2013 tax bill and are preparing your payments. It’s a good time for us to give you a few details and reminders about that:

1. The tax bill was mailed on or around November 1. If you don’t have it by now, you need to call the Santa Fe County Treasurer at 986-6245. If you did not receive the bill, it may because the property transacted recently and the bill might have been sent to the prior owner.

2. Taxes are delinquent on December 10, when penalties and interest start accruing.

3. You may elect to pay the first half of taxes now, and the second half in April 2014. If you do so, please be reminded that the Treasurer will not send out another invoice. The current mailing is the only mailing the Treasurer makes, so you have to remind yourself to pay the second half. Many owners forget this, and pay penalties and interest later on.

4. We pay taxes in arrears in New Mexico. The bill you are now paying is for the calendar year 2013, which is almost over.

5. You can go the Treasurer’s website ( www.santafecountynm.gov/treasurer ) for more information and to track payments.

You can also call your best ally in the business, Fidelity National Title (505-995-8800). Our talented staff is ready to assist you and/or direct you to the right people who can.