The Firebird Corner – Gas Fireplace Log Sets – Instant Fire

By Gene Butler, President, The Firebird

If you have a fireplace but want to avoid the bother of hauling firewood and making a fire, gas log sets are a convenient alternative to enjoy your fireplace, easily turning the fire on and off as desired.

While gas logs will provide warmth and take the chill off a room, they are primarily decorative and are not intended to be serious heaters. Their moderate price makes them ideal for a fireplace that is used only occasionally; for example, in a living room that is used when entertaining and during the holidays.

Molded from actual wood, gas logs realistically replicate various species ranging from pine, split oak, to beech, birch, and others. Charred log designs feature pieces that look like logs burned in two.

To accommodate Santa Fe’s kiva fireplaces, The Firebird worked with a leading gas log manufacturer to develop a unique kiva gas log set with a vertical grate that arranges the logs teepee style, just like a traditional wood fire in a kiva fireplace.

For contemporary interiors, the grate and logs are replaced with a bed of crushed glass through which the flames emerge. Glass is available in a variety of colors and can be accented with ceramic stones, pebbles, and geometric shapes.

Options for controlling the fire include wall switches and handheld remotes.

As with any gas product, a safe and proper installation that meets building codes is critical.

Also, a gas log set is never a solution for a wood fireplace that smokes. A fireplace spilling smoke into the room is indicative of a poor firebox design, too short a chimney, or other performance issues. Those problems must be resolved first, otherwise, a gas log set can similarly spill exhaust gases into the room.

Working with an experienced fireplace professional can help you select just the right gas log set to fit nearly any fireplace.

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