Ranch Lifestyle: Part 2

Mountain Star Ranch

From “All Things Real Estate,” Volume 1 Issue 1

By Steve Ziegler, Co-Managing Partner, Canyon Ridge Ranch Conservation Development

In April, 2007 five short months after Mike Plant introduced me to Canyon Ridge and the beauty of an alpine ranch, my wife and I actually jumped in and purchased one. After Internet searches and a trip from Wisconsin to Colorado to visit possibilities, we ended up buying an 873-acre ranch named Mountain Star Ranch.

I remember calling Mike the day after we closed on our new ranch and thanking him for introducing us to these mountaintop wonders.

Although our Mountain Star Ranch isn’t the size and splendor of Canyon Ridge’s 5,800 acres, it has transformed our lives over the past three years with outdoor activities and family gatherings as well as a place for friends, relatives and business contacts to enjoy. In fact, our ranch has become so popular within our circle of family and friends that we built an informational website (www.mtn-star.com) for them to use when they visit us or make personal trips to enjoy Mountain Star Ranch.

As I mentioned last month, I did not join Mike as a partner in Canyon Ridge because I was not confident in his two partners at the time. I will jump ahead in my articles on ranch living to say that in December 2008, I did join Mike as partners in Canyon Ridge as Mike’s former two partners exited.  The two of us are continuing with Mike’s dream and vision of turning this New Mexico mountaintop splendor into the most unique gated ranch in America.

In the months ahead I will share with you what my family and friends have been doing at Mountain Star Ranch since 2007, as well as give you updates on how ours and your future ranch at Canyon Ridge is taking shape.

See photos of the Canyon Ridge Ranch Conservation Development at www.DiscoverCanyonRidge.com.