Estate Sales Are a Terrific Option

By Stephen Etre, Co-Owner Stephen’s, A Consignment Gallery
(An Interview with Managing Editor Rey Post)

stephensQ. The “All Things Real Estate” radio show audience is aware of the fact that the gallery is known for organizing estate sales. Is this year presenting the public with some good options in this area of gallery activity?

A. Yes, Rey, for many years we have worked with home owners, real estate brokers, estate and trust professionals, as well as banks and real estate attorneys with disposing of the contents of a home via our estate sale services.

Q. And these types of events will occur throughout 2014, correct?

A. Yes, we have already staged several events since the beginning of the year and via our newly designed website, our clients can learn of upcoming events. Just go to the “calendar” page on the site for days and times of upcoming estate sales (

Q. There are many ways an estate sale can evolve, correct?

A. Indeed. When there has been a change in the circumstances of a home owner, perhaps as the result of emotional circumstances like a death, or divorce – or simply via a planned move to another state – we are contacted with a request to handle the sale of the contents of the property.

Q. But isn’t it true that an estate sale is not always the best way to handle the sale of the contents of a home?

A. That’s very true. It depends on a number of issues: the value and array of items at a property (do they warrant a public estate sale), whether selling the home’s contents via the consignment gallery would be a better strategy, etc. Also, there are better times of the year to handle an estate sale due to weather, plus some home locations pose challenges, like insufficient parking, general access to the property, etc.

Q. How do you make that decision?

A. We always need to visit with whoever is representing an estate at the actual home location. We carefully evaluate the contents of the property and make a recommendation about the best route to take. This initial consultation is always complimentary. And if we resolve to go this route, then we put together a major plan (e.g., review and price every item for sale, stage the property for the sale, and devote advertising and promotional work, etc.).

Q. So, for any home owner there are many options for disposing of the contents of a property.

A. Yes, and after 30+ years of being in business, we have a pretty good formula for helping our clients make the best decision on the direction to pursue.