Consignment Gallery Q & A

The Start of a New Year!

By Stephen Etre, Co-Owner of Stephen’s, A Consignment Gallery
(An Interview with Managing Editor Rey Post)

ETRE-1Question. You mentioned on a recent broadcast of the “All Things Real Estate” radio show that 2014 is starting out in a positive way for the gallery.

Answer. After more than 30 years of operating the gallery, I have witnessed many different business cycles in Santa Fe. The start of this New Year is evidencing a continuation of the steady economic recovery that we witnessed in 2013.

Q. A significant amount of your clientele comes from the real estate community – home owners, buyers and sellers, as well as real estate brokers, interior designers, and lawyers administering estate transactions. Given this reality, do you have an impression about the status of the Santa Fe real estate market as we start 2014?

A. Yes, my impression is that as you and your broker colleagues have seen an increase in buyer and seller activity over the past year, correspondingly, the gallery has experienced increased activity. Sellers use us as a source for home staging activities, while buyers of new homes rely on our array of items to furnish their properties.

Q. And estate sales are a major source of activity for the gallery with each passing year, correct?

A. The gallery has a long-time relationship with estate lawyers, banks, and executors who turn to us to help facilitate the sale of some of Santa Fe’s finest collections of antiques, art, and one-of-a-kind items including heirloom jewelry. Though estate sales are driven by a special set of circumstances, we have found that they are occurring quite regularly, as people find them to be an effective method for marketing unique collections in certain homes.

Q. And to support your customer activities at the gallery in 2014, you have added some new enhancements, correct?

A. As you know, Rey, in 2013 we actually made some structural changes to the gallery’s outside façade to enhance our curb appeal to customers. We also added an “immediate placement” policy to the display of new arrivals at the gallery, so that the floor of our facility is constantly offering brand new items to meet consumer demand. And yes, we enhanced our already well-regarded gallery staff with new professionals who bring a level of knowledge and expertise that our clients seem to really appreciate.

Q. You also launched into 2014 with a new web presence for the gallery that I must say is quite attractive and very user-friendly!

A. Thanks for the plug about this element of our ongoing marketing efforts. We are very proud of our newly designed website which is not only visually appealing, but is constantly changing to provide our customers with the latest news about gallery offerings. For anyone who hasn’t visited our site in a while, I invite them to take a look at:

Q. So, all in all, you are entering the New Year with your normal high level of optimism!

A. I couldn’t say any better than that, Rey, and I look forward to helping every home buyer, seller, and owner throughout 2014.

Stephen Etre is a regular guest on All Things Real Estate,