Consignment Gallery Q & A – The Holiday Spirit

By Stephen Etre, Co-Owner Stephen’s, A Consignment Gallery (An Interview with Managing Editor Rey Post)

Q. You have told us on the “All Things Real Estate” radio show that the period between Thanksgiving and the New Year is quite special for you and your gallery staff.

A. Yes, as it is for most people, this holiday period ranks as one of our favorites. One of the most rewarding aspects of this time of each year is that long-time friends and customers make a point of returning to the gallery to simply say hello. Since Santa Fe is a destination for many tourists and second home owners during the holiday season, we see our fair share of out-of-towners, many of whom are only in the city for this one time of the year.

Q. I know that locals also use the gallery as a gift buying destination during the Thanksgiving – New Year’s period, in search of that that one-of-a-kind item.

A. That’s absolutely true. Many home buyers and owners from around New Mexico come to the gallery to acquire unique furniture, accessories, and art that they really can’t find anywhere else as gift options. Just as is the case with our annual spring and fall sales, we make a point of pricing times during the holiday season to offer extraordinary value to our customers.

Q. In the real estate business, we often see clients return to Santa Fe this time of year after “falling in love” with the region during a summer vacation. They sometimes make home buying part of their return holiday schedule and I bet they also come to the gallery seeking items for their new property.

A. Rey, you know of the strong relationship the gallery has with real estate brokers and their clients, as well as with interior designers and others involved in the real estate transaction process. We do realize an influx of new home buyers during this time of the year, many of whom buy items that they place in storage until they close on the purchase of a property. Because our estate sales occur on a regular basis, these buyers often come to the gallery in the November-December time frame to discover the dates of these special events, hoping that they coincide with a property closing that may be taking place early in the New Year.

Q. So, for a variety of reasons you clearly look forward to this time of the year, well beyond the positive element of it being a good period for your gallery business.

A. There is no doubt that after three decades of being in the consignment gallery business, we have learned that a large part of the positive experience for our customers comes from the way we treat them like family during the holidays – and for that matter – all year round.